Kompaan Running with Cissors


We’ve embarked on the greatest beer brewing adventure yet… In collaboration with United Fish Auctions, we have brewed a Saison with Lobster!

We have wanted to do this for years. Ever since we have tasted a lobster beer at a beer-festival in Italy, we wanted to make such a special and unique beer in the Netherlands too.

This has now become a reality in collaboration with United Fish Auctions, which operates the fish auctions in Scheveningen and Stellendam and the lobster auction in Colijnsplaat.




Over de Brouwerij
Kompaan had humble beginnings, with just a few recipes and a whole lot of gusto. The brewery was founded by Jeroen and Jasper, two school friends that have known each other longer than not. They shared a zest for life and were ready to put The Hague on the craft beer map. The brewery name is based on this friendship, two companions drinking together. As a modern, young brewery making contemporary, exciting beers, the name is spelt in modern Dutch, as “kompaan”, and not “compaen”.

Kom meer te weten op hun website: https://kompaanbier.nl

Over het bier

Soort: Saison
Inhoud: 33 Cl

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